Vertical Blinds

The perfect balance of privacy and shading control

Vertical blinds suit almost any room and are perfect for living rooms and conservatory windows.

Our vertical blinds are available with a choice of two aluminium headrail colours: white and brown.

They also come with a choice of either 89mm (3.5 inch) or 125mm (5inch) slats. 

We stock a huge range of fabrics and have available over 300 tried and tested quality choices all available at one price. We can also supply a wide variety of designers fabrics. 

The quality of our vertical blinds is so high that we offer an enviable 5 year guarantee on all of our headrails. As well as being of the highest quality, our headrails are also self aligning so if a slat comes out of line you can simply correct it by tilting the blinds by using the chain. 

Along with our vertical blind range we also offer a slat replacement service for almost any headrail system. This keeps costs down when you fancy a change in style but your headrails are still in perfect condition. 

We are also proud to be suppliers of Blind Shapers curved head rails and offer these as a specialist blind for the Nottingham and East Midlands area.

We can also provide a remote controlled option for all vertical blinds which are perfect for bedrooms, entertainment areas and offices.
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